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According to the rankings, beauties from these countries are among the TOP 5 most beautiful women in the world:
1. Venezuela - And the winner is... Venezuela! They win most often; men are done with them. Miss Universe, Miss World, several "beauty crowns at home, and to top it off, the full-length Miss Venezuela program is one of the most popular and watched in the country.
2. Philippines - Islands, beautiful beaches, beautiful nature, and beautiful women...their constitution guarantees women equal rights. Unfortunately, in practice, it doesn't work that way at all.
3. Mexico - The third place rightfully belongs to the Mexican women. Thanks to perfect facial features, sexy figures, and ambitions, they roll in show business and beauty contests.
4. Republic of South Africa - It has changed significantly in recent years; it is safer, more liberal, and friendlier. 11 languages are spoken here, but English is the most widely used. South African beauties always have perfect English.
6. Thailand - Sex tourism flourishes here; one joy, even men from other, more affluent countries "order" young women from here to satisfy their appetites; the happier ones become wives or partners. Look for genetics behind their beauty, and rumor has it, a healthy, balanced diet.

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